“Selling Nano was my best decision”, says trader

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Trader still made good luck to make a profit while he had the time and advises people not to remain faithful in a cryptomeda when in fall.

Man relaxing in chair after better decision
Man relaxing in a chair
A Reddit user has shared his experience with the cryptomime trade in recent days. According to him, getting rid of Nano cryptomime “was the best decision”.

On January 2nd, cryptomoeda Nano will celebrate its historic high. That’s because, in 2018, the price of Nano arrived at U$ 33.69 per unit, a value never seen again.

Since then, Nano has lost 96% of its value, today quoted at U$ 1.04 each. Who has held the currency in three years saw its assets melt, but there are those who still believe in the technology of currency.

“At the end of 2017, I became a Nano fanboy and went ALL IN, I was new to cryptomime and I was looking for the next big thing,” Oxygenjacket said.

When he bought everything in Nano, he said he remained in the currency community for two years. However, in November 2019, he sold all his coins.

“My best financial decision was to sell Nano in 2019,” said trader and cryptomaniac fan
The Reddit Oxygenjacket user shared his experience with Cryptomoeda Nano. As many are still waiting for a return on currency, this Nano fan prefers to keep his feet on the ground.

His account has been shared in one of the world’s largest cryptomime communities, with over 1 million registered. According to Oxygenjacket, November 2019 was the time to sell his Nano in the market.

As he had bought two years earlier, in 2017, he was still in profit when he made the sale. Even so, he preferred to exchange all his currencies for Bitcoin, Ethereum and some DeFi projects.

“In November 2019, I ended up selling all my nano and bought Bitcoin, Ethereum and a few defi tokens. By far the best financial decision I’ve ever made,” said the Nano fan

With the profit from this operation, however, he has now bought back Nano in the cryptomime market. He said he spent only 2% of his current investment portfolio to buy back what he sold in 2019.

He said he still believes Nano should grow and trusts currency technology. However, the Reddit user doubts that Nano will grow more than the rest of his portfolio today.

“Today I bought back the amount of nano I threw away for a small cost of only 2% of my possessions, to cover myself in the case of moons in the short term. I don’t think I’ll pump more than the rest of my portfolio, but you have to protect yourself for the possibilities that will hurt you the most,” reported the Nano trader

“If I had insured Nano, I wouldn’t have made a profit,” she said.
In his report, Oxygenjacket said he still believes in Nano technology. Cryptomoeda allows transactions to be virtually instantaneous and at very low or even near zero cost.

But as far as Nano’s price is concerned, the currency’s fan believes that if it had held on since November it would not have made a profit. Nano today is worth the same as in November of that year, that is, it would not have given the trader a profit.

“If I had kept holding the nano, I wouldn’t have made a cent profit because it’s exactly the same price as when I sold it in 2019,” said trader Oxygenjacket.

He also said that he did not want to get into the merits of technology being good or not good in his account. Even so, he asks people to pay attention to the possibilities of gains with cryptomorphs, not only in the technical aspect of technology.

Despite Nano’s brutal decline since its historic high, the currency has still appreciated 3900 percent since July 2017, when it was launched on the cryptomime market. In Brazil, the currency community is strong and believes in the project.